Sustainable Levantiner Silky Sponges


The natural element Mother Earth gave us for our daily care, an elegant way to upgrade our routine. 100% natural and biodegradables, they are suitable for any skin type, this model of sponge is gentle with your skin making it perfect for your face, babies and sensitive skin. They are also good cleansing the makeup.

Each sponge is unique and special, they all have different shapes and the one you receive may be different than the ones shown in photos. Natural sponges were used for bathing back in antiquity and are exceptionally skin-friendly. Like people, every sponge is unique.

Instructions for care:

  • Rinse with clear water after use
  • Don’t wring or boil your sponge
  • Hang it up on a cord to dry

S (7cm), M (10cm), L (12cm)


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