Scented Candle – Silencio – 180 gr


“The sky takes on a red tinge as the hustle and bustle of the day dies down. As twilight falls, the stars show off their best sides and awaken the man in the moon with their twinkling. Romanticists breathe in the eloquent silence. Like fine silk, the aromatic scent of  of geranium envelops their skin and banishes buzzing midges to dance in the air. ”

Top notes: cardamom, arborvitae, thyme
Heart Note: Geranium, Cypriol, Fir
Base chord: patchouli, cedar

Arquinesia Silencio – Candle is made with the best essential oils and organic and natural products, thus preserving its natural essence. A Balearic fragrance that will transport you directly to the center of the Mediterranean. Aromatic and spicy, our Silencio candle is a insect repellent, being able to maintain the silence and calm that we so desire.


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