Collection Box


Everyday is different and everyday has something unique on it, our mood change and the way face the day too, that’s why we created our Arquinesia Collection box with one travel size of all of our five Eau de Parfum so can experiment on your own skin the journey Arquinesia is. Dive into the world of our fragrances and decide which one calls your name or discover the way they complement each other to tell our beautiful story discovering the Balearic Islands. 

The Collection Box contains:
– Sea Breeze – Eau de Parfum (8ml)
– Secret Garden – Eau de Parfum (8ml)
– Orange – Eau de Parfum (8ml)
– Fig – Eau de Parfum (8ml)
– Scent of History – Eau de Parfum (8ml)

The Arquinesia Sea Breeze – Eau de Parfum is a Balearic scent that will make you feel the salt on your skin and bring closer the shore that now feels so distant.

Every note chosen for our Arquinesia Secret Garden was carefully chosen to enhance your own elegance and innocence, making this fragrance the perfect companion.

The Arquinesia Orange – Eau de Parfum is a refreshing and restoring breeze directly from La Serra de Tramuntana.

The Arquinesia Fig – Eau de Parfum is a Balearic scent that will bring you directly to the Mediterranean Sea. Gently sweet but classy, our Arquinesia Fig is a cheerful scent that will become your everyday essential.

The Arquinesia Scent of History – Eau de Parfum is a powerful and warm scent full of memories from another time that have remained in our subconscious.


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