Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Te most romantic day of the year is getting closer, do you have everything ready? Doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship, starting to fall in love or learning how to properly love yourself, it’s a good day to celebrate all types of love and finding the perfect present can make a difference.

As love is shown in multiple ways and all the love languages have common parts as it’s care and affection and they are ways of expressing our own reflection of what our soul calls, like finding the perfect gift that expresses exactly what we mean and can’t put into words. Fragrances and perfumes are a great way of expressing what is inside of our hearts, the presence we want to leave behind, so can you thing of a better gift?

In Arquinesia we thought how this year we could make it easier for everyone with doubts about what to get, we created a little selection of everyone’s favorites to celebrate the different types of love so you don’t have to worry too much, whatever you are looking for we have you covered. Let it flow and let the inspiration appear, as sometimes the best things in live come unexpected. And this year, which love are you looking to celebrate? All of them can be equally important but we summed up the four kinds we always have on our mind.

Remember you have until the 8th to place your order and receive it in time for Valentine’s Day! 

Gift wrapped option available and free shipping (over 50€ in Europe).

“The Self Love”

The love you should always put first

“The Romantic Love”

The loves you should nurture everyday

“The Impossible Love”

The one you will never forget

“Forever Love”

Our undoubtable ride or die

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